Monday, 10 June 2013

Pure Brahman

 "The radiant Brahman is in the heart of every living being. He is the best of wealth. He is in all birds and men. He is in all objects, sentient and insentient. He is present in his minutest form, and he is present in grosser forms as well. The surpeme and pure Brahman is worshipped by everyone. Living beings find it difficult to know him. Realise the Brahman to be part of your own being."

"He is the radiant one. He is smaller than the smallest of objects. He is bigger than the largest of objects. The immortal Brahman is the supreme wealth. He is in all the worlds and in all the beings who populate these worlds The Brahman is life; the Brahman is the speech and the mind. The Brahman is truth, the Brahman is immortality. It is the the Brahman who must be known. Try to know him".

Trying even in adversity to find the goodness in all is as trying to find Brahman in all, for he exists , maybe hidden beneath layers of confused emotions.



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