Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Atmans Merge into the Brahman

The Brahman cannot be realised by one who is weak, nor can he be realised through ascetism alone. These techniques of meditation are merely aids to realise the brahman in one's atman.
 Those who know the nature of the brahman, are satisfied with nothing short of true learning. Their atmans merge into the brahman. They control their senses and become devold of desire. As long as they are alive, such calm and cool individuals see the brahman in all the objects that are around them.
 The knowledge of the Vedanta is the knowledge of the brahman. Ascetism helps to purify the mind. Salvation is attained by those who purify their minds and realise the Brahman. Such individuals attain salvation ecen before they die.

Radha Krishna Carved Panel

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