Saturday, 27 August 2016

Madhurastakam - Madhura Astakam

Gopi Madhura Lila Madhura
Yuktam Madhuram Muktam Madhuram
Dhristam Madhuram Shistam Madhuram
Madhur-Adipater Akhilam Madhuram

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sat Chit Ananda - Never Changing Absolute Being


Sat Chit Ananda -never changing Absolute being, the undifferentiated state of non-duality. It is the most perfect expression of living reality, the primordial Self, our inner being, that which is a part of the divine. Chit, pure consciousness, are the experiences unbound by creation. Ananda is bliss, limitless divine joy of the soul.  We identify with that which does not change, and become the witness of the changes of nature. Going from a state of being to no being, from asking to receiving and giving, inner peace, tranquility and joy.

Shani Dev I Bow To You

Thou are the divine, beautiful and serene, calm in the face of storms, Shani dev I bow to you.

By worshiping the cosmic divine energies, the Consciousness of Infinite Knowledge that exists in all of us, we succumb to the higher qualities of freedom from attachment to pain and the material world. Peace and humility in knowing that you serve him and he blesses you with his radiance. Stillness, what do you seek ? All answers are within you, look no further, go beyond the “I” and see the universe open its love for you.

Atman is formless, a part of the cosmic divinity.

Atman is formless, a part of the cosmic divinity. Atman, the essence of our being, is an expression of God at a level where "I" does not exist, merging with the divine in a catalytic expression of nature at very extraordinary and superior level, and that level, God can appear to us in many forms, as we connect ourselves to the energies of the cosmos, he manifests as Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Shani or Ganesha.........divine energy, beautiful and sacred, OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI.

What does spiritual growth mean?

Do we ask anything from Him? Yes, His blessings and he gave us immense courage to withstand adversity and grow strong spiritually.

What does spiritual growth mean?

Emotional and material detachment? Or when your inner being becomes one with Him?

When you believe that all that happened was meant to happen in this way and He ordained it............. There was no other way.

He did not want it any other way, despite all your efforts and you are at peace because you know it.
Close your eyes away from all the commotion and see Him, realize that he resides in you and shines through you, His brilliance gets stronger as you persevere, each breath resonating with Him instilling your prana with vital energy.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Divine Power in Our Life

I surrender to the Divine as I experience the Divine - I surrender to Shani Dev as I experience HIM ...I embrace Lord Shiva as an amazing Divine force that cares not who or what we are or have been.There are no obstacles to healing once you allow the power of the Divine to EMBRACE YOU


Om Sham Shanishcharye Namah

Meditation helps attain the state of blessedness where all the irrelevant clutter is filtered out, cleansing and calming both the mind and the soul of any unwanted & disturbing elements. Stillness and humility in knowing that you serve him and he blesses you with his radiance. So easy yet so complex, known yet incomprehensible, your energy is here, in me, around me, so amazingly beautiful, simple and calmness pervading all.

Saturn, like Shiva, removes maya, the veil of illusion that separates the self. Saturn takes aim at the imprinting that we have experienced and the subtle consciousness. What is, what happens is all meant to be, hard to accept but true, each is a step towards your growth. Give yourself without any thought to him and be blessed with an awakening of your consciousness. Complete yet incomplete my joy knows no end, tears have no boundaries as you pervade my being.


Shani Beej Mantra:

Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah.

The lull after the storm is of utter calmness, all that remains between you and Him is a connection that is your strength, capturing your inner atman with a passion for the spiritual energy that is yours for the taking but so lacking in understanding, dancing Shiva's Tandav, magical, whimsical, yet so beautiful.

There isn't always a reason to why something happens or how it is done, it doesn't matter why or how it was created, all that's important is the knowledge that he puts in you while the task is being done and that you were his instrument. The hurdles and issues that sprouted are in fact Shani's teachings, his lessons of truth, and he also gives the strength and perseverance to complete the task.