Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Visualise The Brahman

The Brahman does not make himself manifest to the external senses. It is because of this that living beings can visualise the external world, but not the Brahman . those who wish to become learned and immortal control their senses. They can see the Brahman.
The ignorant ones lust after material objects. As a result of this, they become engulfed in ignorance and action. The learned ones can visualise the Brahman in all the objects of the universe. They desire nothing that belongs to this world.
It is thanks to the Brahman that men can savour form, taste, touch, sound and smell. There is nothing in this entire universe that is unknown to the Brahman. It is the Brahman who makes men see objects, be they awake or asleep. Learned ones visualise the great and omnipresent Brahman and overcome all sorrow.
A wise man knows that the fruit off all action vest with the Brahman. The Brahman regulates all forms of life. A learned person who realises this overcomes all fear. 

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