Friday, 11 October 2013

Navdurga Roop

India is a vast country; with a widespread Hindu Population comprising a multiplicity of language and faiths, we find innumerable local goddesses known as Devi. In rural India, it is not uncommon for every village to have its own Devi, with a place of prayer assigned to her. She is credited (or discredited) for whatever happens in the village. Everyone tries to keep the Devi happy. Even in everyday life, pious Hindus consider young girls to be a form of devi, pious offering them food and gifts at the end of the Navratri prayers.

During the navratri, Thousand of temporary pandals (tent structures) are erected to house the idols of the goddesses and other deities. At the end of the festivities, the idols are immersed in river or the sea.

When Shumbha and Nishumbha heard about the end of Chanda and Munda . He declared a state of emergency and Millions Asura moved the battlefield to attack the goddess from all sides.

On seeing the Vast Asura force, the Goddess picked up her bow, pulled the string and let go, sending a resounding screeching sound that made everything shudder and tremble. Then she range the bell just as the lion roared in unison. Kali roared the loudest of all, shaking the hills and mountains. The gods watched with joy. from each god emerged power that they controlled, which merged with the Goddess .From Brahma emerged Brahmani, atop a swan, holding a kamandal and a garland of beads. Form shiva emerged Maheshwari, ridding a bull, wielding a trident and adorning a crescent on the crown. Shiva also sent his trusted virnhadra. from Kartikeya emerged Kumari, riding the elephant Airavata and wielding the vajra.
Virbhadra bowed before the Goddess, and suggested that the Asuras may now be killed. Then anew form with great strength and speed emerged from the body of the Goddess. She was Called Chandika. 

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