Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Sun Source of Life

"The Sun is the source of life and the moon is the source of foodgrains. Everything survives on foodgrains, be it thick of form or thin. All forms are thus nothing but foodgrains".

"The Sun rises in the east and blazes forth in his energy. It is the rays of the sun that instil the force of life into living beings. Wherever the sun radiates his rays, east, west, north, south, up or down, the rays enter into the bodies of living being and make them thrive."
"This is the entity that is there in all living beings. This is the entity is lfe and fire throughout the universe. This is the entity that rises as the sun. And it is about this entity that the following has been said in the Rig Veda."

"The learned know the omniscient sun whose form permeates the universe. Many are his rays and he is the sources of all life. He is the unique one who is like the eye of the universe. The sun radiates heat and his ray are everywhere. The sun rose to be the life force of living beings".



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