Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Divine Soul

The Divine soul is unique and immobile. It is swifter than the mind. The senses cannot attain it. The divine soul never moves. And yet, it can overtake all those who are swift. It is because the divine soul is present that the wind blows and spurs all beings to action.

The divine soul moves. And yet it does not move. It is far. And yet it is near. It is inside this universe. And yet it is outside the universe.

He who is truly learned sees the divine soul (paramatman) in all objects and objects in the paramatman. Such a person rise above all fear and hatred.

(The word used for the divine soul in the verse is atman. But we have used the word paramatman to draw a distinction with the individual human soul or atman.)

He who realises the identity between all objects and the paramatman is truly learned. He knows no illusion or sorrow. Such sentiments become meaningless for him.

The divine soul is radiant and omnipresent. It has no form and cannot be harmed. It has no veins and is pure. It is not touched by sin and sees everything. It is the ruler of the mind. The paramatman is supreme, it created itself. The divine soul is always present. It is the paramatman who decreed the rules that the universe follows.

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