Friday, 26 April 2013

Mahavir Jayanti 27th April

Mahavir Jayanti : Sat, April 27,2013
Mahavir believes in a universe without beginning, without end and without creator.universe and all its substances are eternal.  Substances continually undergo changes. Previous forms give way to new ones without loosing their own inherent qualities. Jains believe that the universe Is without beginning or end. The universe did not begin at any time and it will not end at any time.  The universe runs on its own accord by its own cosmic laws (laws of nature).

 Mahavir Jayanti celebrates the birth of Vardhman Mahavira. Vardhman Mahavir was born in the year 599 B.C. Mahavira's priority on this `Unity of Life' forms one of the supreme saving principles of human life.

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