Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Brahman is in the Heart

In the physical body there is the heart. The Brahman is in the heart in minute form. But he has to be sought before he can be found. One must desire to know him. The heart is like the sky. Heaven and earth, fire and wind, the sun and the moon, lightning and the stars are all in the sky. Like that, everything in the body is in heart.
By hinduism.iskcon.org

The radiant and beautiful Brahman is in the heart. But his form is as minute as that of a grain of barley. He is the lord and controller of everything in the universe.


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  1. Wonderful post. Yes, Heart Center meditation is all I do. It is very effective, because then we experience our thoughts, and all forms, with much less pull. And the energy that radiates from the Heart benefits others.