Saturday, 18 March 2017

The nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas are the Navagrahas.

The five principles or core energies of space, air , fire, water, earth  also known as Panch Butas are seen in each and every atom of the universe  and
 the nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. 

Awareness and Leadership is represented by Surya (Sun).

Instinct or emotional reason to do an action  - Chandra 

Energy in action - Kuja (Mars).

The Intelligence in doing action - Budh (Mercury)

The objective in doing an action to achieve your goal - Guru (Jupiter)

Beauty and art in the performance of action - Shukra - Venus.

                                                     Stillness - Judgement in action - Saturn Shani.

Misinterpretation that deviates the result of an action - Rahu.

                                                     The culmination Spiritual of the result -  Ketu.

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