Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nature of the Brahman

He who knows the nature of the Brahman, merges into the Brahman. It has been said that the Brahman is truth, wisdom, and all that is eternal. The heart is like a vast sky and intelligence is like a cave in the heart. He who visualizes the Brahman in one’s heart, sees the Brahman in all objects of the universe. He obtains all that may be desired. The sky was created from the Brahman. From the sky was created the wind, the wind created fire, fire created water, water created the earth, the earth created herbs, herbs created foodgrains, and food grains created man. Man can be compared to a bird. The right hand is the right wing and the left hand is the left wing. The part of the body that is below the navel is like a tail.

Temple in Fort Myers, FL

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