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Attributes of Lord Shani

Lord Shani is represent as dark in color, black clothed, holding sword, arrows and two daggers. He is represent to be mounted on a black crow. He is also known as Shani Bhagavan, Shani Deva etc.

Father's Name       :                    Surya or Lord Sun
Mother's Name     :                    Chhaya (Suvarna)
Brother of Lord Shani              Yamaraj, Savarni Manu, Ashwani Kumar
Sister of Lord Shani       :           Yamuna, Tapti, Bhadra
Teacher of Lord Shani    :           Lord Shiva
Gotra                             :           Kashyap
Interest                           :          Service, Spirituality, Law, Diplomacy and Politics
Birth  Place                     :         Saurashtra
Colour                            Black
Nature                    :         Windy
Divinity                             Yama
Characteristics                :          Darkness (gloomy)
Enemy Planets                 :           Sun, Moon and Mars
Friendly Planets              :       Mercury, Venus and Rahu
Season of Lord Shani               Autumn (Shishir)
Nature of Lord Shani             Serious, Renouncing, Ascetic, Obstinate, Indifferent
Traditional foods                       Sesame seeds or black gram, black lentils or udad
Favorable flower            :          Violet colour

Shani Temple Under Construction

Shani Temple Under Construction

Colorful Ganesha Carving Panel


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